Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Vodacom Country Challenge - 10k run

Last Sunday Kevin and I joined quite a few hobby runners (and professional ones) on the Vodacom Country Challenge, a racing event around the Vodacom Campus in Midrand. It consist of a 10k track, 21k track as well as a 5k fun run, we opted for the 10k one. It turned out to be quite tough due to the very hilly profile (and the fact it took place on a sunday morning at 8am! the picture was taken at about 7.45am), not comparable to the flat one I did in London or the good old "norddeutsche flachland", but lots of fun nevertheless.

We are already looking for the next one...

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Ole said...

Samstag, den 22. September 2007 in Wallhöfen: Hamberger Herbstlauf mit 5,10 und 21 km oder am Sonntag, den 30. September 2007 in Bremen 10, 21, oder 42 km...das ist nur ne kleine Auswahl...aber wohl etwas weit ;o)