Sunday, 24 June 2007

Playin' Poker

From Poker at Alan...
Last Friday, for the second time, I played Poker with Kevin (my colleague from work), Vinnie (Kevin's brother), Paschal and Alan. After Kevin's place in Randburg last time this week Alan, his wife Nola, two dogs and a cat hosted us in Edenvale.

With the guys it is the first time I am playing for money, little amounts though and it is always good fun. After having picked up the essential English Poker language vocabulary ("Bitches are wild)" as well as Poker Games Omaha and Five Cards i already look forward to the next session. Due to some luck I even managed to go home with a bit of money (about 150 bucks). However, Big winner was Kevin:

From Poker at Alan...
For all the pics click HERE.

Lesson of 2 sessions: Having your better half around while playing poker has a negative impact on the amount of money you are taking home ;o)

See you next time guys!

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