Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Being home...

...was very nice and included:
  • Surprising (almost) everybody
  • Watching Werder being kicked out of the UEFA CUP :( at Jule's
  • Driving to Airbus to pick up a phone
  • A poker night in Bremen Findorf
  • A German Braai evening including bike tour in Meinershausen
  • A 60th birthday party (what a long day) ;) in Lilienthal
  • "Dancing into the May" at Bjoern's and the Bremer Domshof (city centre)
  • Trip to Duesseldorf
  • Visiting Vodafone Germany
  • Enjoying Alt Beer in the Duesseldorf Altstadt with Maggi, Sandro and big Rob
  • English breakfast with Big D. Daniel Weber in Dortmund
  • Stone Shopping with Vanessa and Moritz in Celle
  • Watching DSDS finals (German Idols) at Andi's, Congrats to Mark Mitleid.
  • and much more...
I enjoyed it a lot and thanks to everbody for hosting me. Of course you are very welcome to stay with me in SA ;)


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